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What Are Some Popular Commercial Building Designs?

A good building design is always attractive to every eye that views it. In the business world that we are in today, it is important for your commercial building to stand out. These building designs can be used as a stepping stone to creating your commercial building masterpiece.

  • Transitional design-This type of design has a ship-lap wood look which helps to give your building a very good industrious look with an enticing transitional look.
  • Mixed messages-Here oversized panels create a sleek and smooth exterior just around the entry way. This completely changes the entry way appearance when your building is adjacent to another creating a different look to the rest of the area.
  • Riveting design-Do you want to create a good exterior look to the building? Using the rivet design, you will need to faux rivets on the architectural panels to enable the building to get a more industrious look.
  • Fresh and fun colors-This type involves mixing up the colors that you love. You can use colors that are eye catching such as the shifting perspective chartreuse. The bold color appearance will always stay true as the business does.
  • Mixed materials-Mixing materials can also aid in creating a good design. The mix of trim, metal, masonry and architectural panels make this design get a dynamic and detail with a super attractive look.
  • The subtle design-Architectural paneling can give the commercial building exterior a great look when done with a lot of care. This design needs proper care when it comes to trimming it out. The contrasting trim can appear to be a drawback to the building. Color matched trim such as the ones on wood create the subtle design that you want.
  • New angle-Your building’s height can be emphasized with a new angle. This design involves creating a row of angled paneling creating a contemporary look. Also, the same panels can be used to create other shapes on the building to aid in giving it a more cohesive look. The appearance of your building is key to attracting more customers to your business.

There you have it! Just a few types of popular commercial building designs. Looking for commercial construction to get your dream building started? Contact a general contractor at Schonsheck today.