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38+ Years of Design-Build Expertise

Turnkey Commercial Construction Services in Grand Rapids, MI

Managing commercial construction projects can be daunting in today’s challenging market. The process demands extensive resources, adept skills, time management, and a deep knowledge of industry regulations, from site preparation to design and build.

Schonsheck, Inc. has been a trusted name in the construction field in Grand Rapids, Michigan, for decades. Catering to various businesses, our work thrives on top-tier design-build and general contracting services. We offer comprehensive solutions tailored to your needs, ensuring timely project completion and adherence to the highest quality and safety standards.

Versatile Experience as a Commercial Builder

Decades of experience have allowed Schonsheck, Inc. to gain extensive knowledge across a wide variety of industries. From automotive dealerships and churches to manufacturing facilities and professional offices, our portfolio is as diverse as it is extensive, speaking volumes about our adaptability and skillset.

Our experienced team of commercial general contractors maintains meticulous attention to detail, ensuring comprehensive planning, thoughtful design, and top-quality construction. We take immense pride in our work and strive to exceed your expectations.

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Let Our General Contractors Answer Your Commercial Construction FAQs

Definitely. We hold sustainable practices and energy efficiency in high regard. Schonsheck, Inc. can guide you to incorporate eco-friendly materials and green building techniques that minimize your building’s environmental impact. In addition, our team can advise on optimizing insulation, heating and cooling systems, lighting, and other energy-efficient solutions that can reduce costs and improve the sustainability of your Grand Rapids commercial building.

We recognize the importance of flexibility and adaptability for commercial spaces that might experience growth in the future. Our team can help you plan and design your building with future expansion in mind. By considering aspects like modular design elements, flexible interior spaces, and scalable infrastructure, our team at Schonsheck, Inc. can ensure that your project can accommodate future growth seamlessly.

The construction timeline varies based on the project’s complexity, scale, and specific requirements. We can provide an estimated timeline once we understand your project’s scope. However, we work diligently to ensure efficiency without compromising quality, striving to complete all projects in a realistic and satisfying timeline for our clients.

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