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Benefits of Design-Build Construction

Starting new construction, whether it is a new home, office building, or even public works structure, can be a big undertaking. There are many moving pieces that need to be put into place and it can be a challenge to make it all run smoothly. The concept of design-build construction allows the design of the building and the actual construction to be completed by one company. Below, we have outlined some of the benefits of design-build construction.

Money Management

In a design-build construction project, there is no back and forth between architect and construction company. This means that everyone who is involved in the project is aware of the budget. When the design team and the construction team are in direct communication, they are able to have full transparency with the full project budget. The more the team is aware of where money is allotted and how much each phase will cost, the less likely it is that the project will run over budget.


Because the designer and the construction crew are all together in one firm, it takes some of the problems with quality control out of the equation. The designer knows exactly what type of work to expect from the construction team and the construction side of the project understands what the designer has intended for each phase of the project. When both teams are working together there is a higher level of accountability and better workmanship because everyone is on the same team.

Faster Completion

The biggest benefit of having the designer and construction team working together is that the project will be completed faster. Too often, valuable time is spent waiting for the designer to solve a problem construction encounters or vice versa. Once the design for the project is completed it moves directly to the construction phase without having to lose valuable time waiting for approval. Having everyone work together on the same team allows problems to be solved sooner should the arise.

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