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5 Ideas for a Sustainable Landscape

Creating a sustainable landscape isn’t just the latest trendy thing, it’s a commitment to conscientiously managing the green world. By following environmentally-friendly practices, you will be able to eliminate the use of harmful fertilizers, cut expenses and make your property safe for children and pets. Sustainable techniques also build long-term beauty that requires less maintenance and care, while increasing a sense of pride. Here are 5 ideas for a sustainable landscape that can get you on a greener path.

  1. Lawns are Grass: Many homeowners spend an excessive amount of time and money keeping their lawns looking sparkly green. Mowing, bagging clippings, dandelion killers and lawn food, that’s a lot of work. Think about going in the opposite direction. Switch your mower to mulch and let the cut grass stay on the lawn. The clippings contain just about all the nutrients the grass needs to replenish itself. This process also cuts down on weeds. Do the same with fall leaves. Mulch in place.
  2. Compost: There’s a few ways to compost. Either use a bin or a spot way in the backyard. Start putting organic material into the pile, such as vegetable scraps, leaves and end-of-season plant stalks. This is the best plant food you’ll ever find and it will help you to stop using fertilizer.
  3. Rain Garden: A rain garden is the opposite of a raised garden, basically. It’s cut 3-6 inches into the ground in places where you can funnel water runoff to it. Think about channeling roof water as well as driveway and patio runoff. These are great for perennials with deep roots. Once established, you’re done. It waters itself.
  4. Wildlife: Seeing hummingbirds throughout your landscape brings a certain joy and wonder. Hummingbirds seek out nectar producing plants. Here are 5 flowering plants you can grow to attract them.
    1. Foxglove
    2. Gayfeather
    3. Delphinium
    4. Chilean Glory Flower
    5. Butterfly Bush
  5. Food Sources: A smart sustainable landscape serves multiple purposes. Think about integrating things like sunflowers and apple trees beyond your yearly vegetable garden. Growing food can add beauty and bounty.

Sustainable landscaping has emerged as a popular trend that cuts down on harmful practices. By taking a green approach to your personal environment, you’ll hold your head a little higher while enjoying the benefits.

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